Monthly Archives: December 2015

How to Know It’s Time to call an HVAC Expert

We live in a do-it-yourself world where there are videos and step-by-step guides to nearly everything a homeowner might need or want to accomplish. However, while there’s plenty you can do to keep your HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system running effectively, there will be times when you need an expert. Here are the…
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Keeping Your Visiting Relatives Comfortable

With the holiday season in full-swing you’re likely to be seeing a lot of relatives and quite possibly hosting a few at your home. The key to a fun-filled evening or couple of days is making sure everybody – even you – is calm and comfortable. Keeping relatives happy and relaxed can be tricky sometimes…
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Home Improvements that Create Holiday Cheer

As we approach the holiday season it’s time for merriment and good cheer. That usually comes with a lot of shopping, a bunch of get-togethers, and a plethora of food. All good things – except for maybe the shopping – and it’s a good idea to get in the spirit by making some changes to…
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