Monthly Archives: January 2017

HVAC Experts: Know When to Call for Help

Before making any home repairs, you need to calculate the costs of trying to do the repairs yourself over hiring professionals. Some things are easier than others – like going to a hardware store or searching the Internet for quick-fixes, but when expensive equipment is involved such as your HVAC system, your time and money…
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Ways to Keep Winter Out

Living in a poorly insulated home will definitely cost you thousands on energy bills, especially during winter. The key to understanding how to keep warm is knowing that you lose more heat by radiation to your surroundings than by convection to the air. This is the reason why your house feels cold when you get…
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Is Your Home Ready for 2017?

Every year, houses go through lots of challenges, just like their owners. Regular check-ups are also a must. Make sure your home is ready for another year by following these guidelines:   Clean Your Air The quality of the air you and your family breathe is important for your health. You may add plants to…
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