Maintaining Your Air Conditioner During Warmer Months

Every summer, vacationing is the highlight for many families. Before leaving for an extended trip out of town, most of them make arrangements for someone to get the mail or feed the pets and others. Most people, however, forget about other important things such as their air conditioners. It is important to still maintain your air conditioner while you are away.


You just need to take a few moments to get your air conditioner ready! Remember, doing so can save you hundreds or even thousands in unexpected repair bills!


Learning how to maintain your air conditioning unit over the summer will not only reduce your utility costs, but it will also help ensure that you will not be coming home to any unpleasant surprises! Here are some of the things you should do to ensure a healthy and running air conditioner over the summer:


*Check the air conditioning filters every 30 days and replace them as needed. What you can do is to write the date on the filter itself and it is better to set reminders on your calendar – just so you never forget.


*Turn the thermostat up, but do not turn off the air conditioner completely. The heat buildup inside your home can damage things such as wooden floors, art, doors and more. Also, your refrigerator will work doubly hard and you can make things uncomfortable for your pets if you have any. So, instead of turning off the system, just turn the thermostat up to 85 degrees while you are on vacation. The same thing applies for when it is winter; set your thermostat back, but to do not completely turn it off.


*Inspect around your outdoor air conditioning unit for any encroaching landscaping and debris. Make sure to clear away anything that is near the outdoor unit. This helps maintain a clearance of 3 feet minimum, ensuring proper airflow.


*When washing off the condenser unit’s coils, use the garden hose. Clean coils dissipate heat better and they can save you a lot of money on your utility bills.


*While you are away, it is possible that there would be severe weather conditions that might affect your home and air conditioner, so make sure you also prepare for those circumstances.



*Set up an appointment for a professional air conditioning tune-up. A licensed and qualified service technician will perform a thorough inspection of the HVAC system to detect any problems. Give us a call at Twintech Heating and Cooling for a 100%-satisfaction guaranteed on all our HVAC services!