The Best Time to Call an HVAC Expert

If you do not know this by now, HVAC systems are a key component that actively works to keep our homes safe and comfortable all year-round. DIY-minded homeowners are often able to fix minor problems around their homes, but when it is your HVAC system that you have to deal with, you should know when you should call an HVAC technician.


Here are some of the best times you should pick up the phone and call one of our HVAC experts for help:


#01. It is time for your annual tune-up.

An annual tune-up will catch minor issues before they turn into major problems over time. Just like how a car needs regular oil changes, HVAC systems should also be inspected annually. You will see a great reduction in the cost of running your HVAC system as well as an increased lifespan for your air conditioner and furnace. Investing in annual HVAC tune-ups significantly reduces the chance of you needing to call an HVAC expert for the rest of the year.


#02. You are building an addition or buying a new house.

Just like with an annual check-up, it is a great idea to have an HVAC professional take a look at your HVAC system when you purchase a new home. You do not know the service record of your air conditioner or furnace up to this point, so having an HVAC technician make sure that everything is working efficiently is a great idea. On that note, if you are building an addition onto your home, an HVAC pro can also help you determine the best way you can expand your cooling and heating systems, so your new room or rooms are not left out in the cold.


#03. You notice cold or hot spots around your home.

We have experienced getting calls from clients complaining that there are hot or cold spots around their home because the air conditioner or furnace is underperforming or working overtime. If you happen to walk into a room and notice a temperature shift, then it can possibly be telling you that your HVAC system is not working efficiently.


#04. When something breaks.

Is your HVAC system starting to make loud noises, leaks fluids or refuses to turn off or turn on? Then it is high time you should call in one of our HVAC experts! Some homeowners are able to perform small maintenance jobs such as changing air filters, but when it is apparent that something is wrong, only an HVAC expert will be able to diagnose and repair the problem accurately the first time. Remember, doing quick fixes on a serious problem will just inflate your repair bill when you do decide to call in the pros.