Common Furnace Problems You Need HVAC Experts to Fix

Furnaces are complicated machines which may break and there is a variety of motives for why it does not turn on. After the furnace is not working and the warmth is not flowing, there is an adequate chance that a number of these things is the origin of the breakdown.


Though a few of these issues may be repaired with the help of online tutorials, the others are rather intricate and might require an expert to work on it. In case you have any queries concerning the subsequent furnace issues, please contact the experts of Twintech Heating & Cooling.


Congested Filters

Congested filters reduce airflow to the furnace which could decrease the unit's efficiency. Because it must work harder to produce the desired temperatures, congested filters also increase the wear and tear of the unit. Oftentimes, a furnace not blowing air is doing this because the filter is clearly congested. Changing your filter regularly ensures that this does not happen.


Defective Heater Thermostats

The wiring in the heater's thermostat may come loose causing a short to happen and these shorts may also damage detectors or the electronics within the furnace itself. Thermostats that fail often provide irregular readings or cause the furnace to cycle on/off more than it is supposed to.


Broken Belts

The belt within the furnace mill can wear out and tear over time. As it does, the furnace’s hot air circulation through the ductwork may be impossible. The best solution to this problem is replacing the belt itself.


Damaged Heat Exchangers

Broken heat exchangers are a frequent cause of a furnace blowing air or not blowing air in any way. The thin metal of the heat exchanger may get cracked, coated with debris, or rusted from recurrent moisture vulnerability. It might have to be replaced.


Worn Out Blowers

Components like the limit switch inside the blower may wear out, which may lead the blower itself to operate continuously. If this happens, cold air will be blown by the furnace throughout your home. A furnace not blowing warm air must always be assessed by a certified professional.


Power Shortage

Furnaces call for a significant quantity of power to function. Whether an improper fuse is used, it may cause the breaker to trip if electricity circulates throughout the system. If that is not the issue, it is possible that the cables come loose, and the unit is grounding out.


Clogged Gas

Leaks, kinks in the hose, and clogs from the machine can lower the total amount of gas that reaches the unit. These issues must always be repaired by a professional HVAC technician.


If your furnace is in need of repairs, our experts here in Twintech Heating and Cooling will be delighted to come to your home and fix the matter whenever possible. Our specialist technicians can quickly evaluate the source of your issue and recommend the right repairs required to have your heating system back up and functioning efficiently. In case you require a replacement unit, we could recommend one that matches your home and budget. Please contact us now!