Unusual Ways to Keep Your Home Warm for Winter

We are always on the lookout for new and inexpensive ways to heat our home, because that bit of comfort can get expensive during the winter. When it comes to warming up, there are tons of ways you can do it without breaking the bank!

We have scoured for some of the most unusual and unexpected ways you can warm up during this long winter month, read on to find out more.

#01. Decorate – as much as you can.

Now is the time for you to bring out those decors that have been sitting in your attic. Putting those blankets and pillows out on display can make for a warmer – plus they make any room look put together.


#02. Use the oven as much as you can.

This is the best time for you to work on your baking skills. Who doesn't want a fresh batch of cookies that goes perfectly well with a cup of coffee, right? Turning the oven on instantly warms up your kitchen and other nearby spaces.


#03. Double up your curtains.

Doubling up on the curtains is like creating a last wall of defense against the draft and could that could creep in from your window’s tiny crevices.


#04. Keep a bottle of warm water by your bedside.

Take a bottle of warm water and keep it under your blanket. This nifty trick can keep you warm as you drift to sleep. You’ll have just the right amount of heat to lull you to sleep – you don't need that same amount of conscious heating when you are asleep, anyway.


#05.Use the sun to your advantage – when it’s out.

The sun may not come out as often during winter but when it does, make sure to take advantage of it. Drawing your curtains and allowing the light to come in brings some warmth coming from the sun.


#06. Don't skip on the cardio.

Force yourself out of bed [or that couch] and start moving around! We all know how much cardio warms us up inside – plus, it will give you tons of energy to conquer the freezing day ahead!


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