Common HVAC Noises You Should Be Aware Of

Are you suffering from unnecessary noise in your home? Are you having a hard time watching and hearing the TV because your vents are too loud? There are some noises that are normal, but there are also instances wherein HVAC systems make strange noises and can eventually become loud and disruptive annoyances in your home. This does not have to be the case.


Here are some of the common noises in an HVAC system and what can be done about them:



A ratting noise that comes from an HVAC system can mean a few things. If it is coming from the outdoor unit, then there might be some kind of debris in the system like a twig. Make sure to turn your system off, then remove the debris. If there is visible damage to your outdoor unit, it is best to call for professional HVAC help.


If the rattling is coming from the inside, do the same thing – turn your system off and call for a professional.



A hissing noise can indicate that air is escaping from the system. If the hissing noise is coming from the walls, then there is a good chance that your ducts are leaking. Aside from making noise, this also wastes your money because the air that is meant to circulate your home is leaking into the walls instead. If the hissing noise is getting louder, then call an HVAC technician.


If you hear a slight hissing sound, on the other hand, the sound might be coming from your air vents. It can be because your filter is not set right, or you probably have the wrong size filter, thus, creating a gap in the seal. In such cases, you can have the right size of the filter and place it correctly to leave no room for gaps.



HVAC systems that are running normally will make a humming noise. Clanking noises, however, can indicate that something is wrong. There can be some loose parts such as the blades, pipes, or the blower motor fan that are rubbing against each other. Clunking noises can be a more serious problem because the loose parts can cause costly damage to your system if not addressed accordingly. Make sure to call a reliable HVAC technician immediately.



Keep in mind that your HVAC system needs regular maintenance tune-ups. You should also change its air filters regularly, and if there are general repairs, then you must attend to them immediately. Knowing what the normal sounds are from what is not normal can help you determine when something is not right.