HVAC 101: Awesome Cleaning Projects

HVAC systems are important in our daily lives, yet we often forget to take care of them properly (or clean them at least). You might think that you do not have the skills to clean them on your own, but there are still some things you can do in order to keep them running smoothly.


Here are some of them:


#01. Always check your heating and air conditioning equipment before the start of a new season.


#02. Inspect and replace your air conditioning and furnace filters every month. There are many different types to choose from and they depend on your needs.


#03. Most air conditioners come with a drainage hole on the base of their cabinet, right beneath their evaporator fins. The drainage hole needs to be kept clear in order for your air conditioning unit to work efficiently.


#04. Keep your dehumidifier working properly by removing its housing, just make sure to let the unit dry completely. You should also vacuum every accessible crevice and surface.


#05. Be sure to clean your bathroom fans at least once or twice a year. To wash it, take the cover off, use soapy water and clean the dirt off the fan blades with a toothbrush. Do not forget to turn the power off when you do this.


#06. The flappers on your toilet should also be checked at least once or twice a year. If they are showing any signs of wear and tear, then you should have them replaced before they start leaking and wasting water.


#07. You should also clean all your faucet handles. Remove them and clean their insides to keep their screws from corroding. Rust removers often do the trick (use them only when necessary).


#08. If you have carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, their batteries should be replaced twice a year. While you are at it, you should also vacuum or dust off the detectors to keep them working efficiently.


#09. If you have a fire extinguisher at home, make sure it is fully charged. Put it in a place where you can reach it easily and quickly.


#10. Your windows and doors should also be checked annually. Inspect them and if it is necessary, caulk around them. This helps keep out heat and humidity during the warmer months and cold drafts during the colder months. It will also save you money on your utility bills all year round!


These are just some helpful cleaning tips for some of the important parts of the home that help you live comfortably. If you have more serious HVAC concerns, then contact us today – our experts at Twintech Heating and Cooling will help you fix them!