What You Should Ask Before Hiring an HVAC Technician

When was the last time you gave your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system a checkup? When did your HVAC system last had a scheduled maintenance visit? As responsible homeowners, you should be doing everything to maintain your system and keep it healthy. Now is the perfect time to hire a reliable HVAC technician to do the job. The question is: how DO YOU choose the right expert for the job?


It is always a great idea to talk to a few different contractors before you can make any decisions. Here is what you should ask every HVAC technician before you entrust them with your system:


“Are you licensed and insured?”

HVAC technicians are required to have a license. If they are not, you probably should not hire them to work on your system. Make sure that you ask this vital information. In addition, it is also a great idea to make sure they are insured, just in case something goes wrong while they are working in your home. You should know if their company has both worker’s compensation as well as liability insurance.


“How much experience do you have in the HVAC industry?”

It is also wise to ask how long they have been working in the HVAC industry. Are they relatively new or have they been working in the industry for a long time? Knowing how much experience an HVAC expert has helps you feel more comfortable when hiring them. You should also consider asking how they have learned or acquired their skills. For instance, if you have a specific brand or type of system, you can also ask them if they have experience with that, too.


“Can you provide references from previous clients?”

Most HVAC technicians will give you a written estimate that explains what work will be done and how much the whole service will cost. It is, however, important to get references, too. When you talk to previous customers, this can give you a better idea of how a certain professional works. If they cannot or will not provide references or reports from other customers, that does not promote a positive thing, and you should most likely hire another HVAC technician.


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