Energy-Saving Tips for Summer

If you think that you are doing everything to possibly keep your costs down on your utility bills during the warmer months, then you should know that there is always room improvement. We have gathered some great energy-saving tips that can save money and increase efficiency in the coming months!


#01. Insulate your home.

It is a must to visually inspect the different areas in your home to find any leaks. Windows and doors, plumbing and attic floor penetrations, electrical outlets, baseboards, and exhaust fans are the most common culprits.


#02. Shade your windows.

Solar heat gain can be blocked by covering your windows with blinds, shades, drapes, and shutters during the day. Roof overhangs, awnings, and strategically planned trees also do a great job shading your windows from the outside.


#03. Use programmable thermostat properly.

If you do not have a programmable thermostat yet, then it is a great investment to have one installed. Once you already have one, set it for energy savings. When you are at home, program it to 78 degrees. Create automatic setback periods, raising the temperature to 85 degrees when you are sleeping at night or away all day. Timed recovery periods will give you a comfortable home after a long day’s work or upon waking up.


#04. Maintain your air conditioner.

It is a must to schedule an AC maintenance annually with a licensed HVAC contractor. The filters should be changed, foliage trimmed back near the condensing unit, and the outdoor unit should be hosed down to remove dust and other debris that usually collect on the fins.


#05. Light your home efficiently.

During the warmer months, longer daylight hours should be taken advantage of. The sun also does a great job of lighting your home naturally. When you do need artificial light, go for efficient LEDs or CFLs that use less electricity. They also generate minimal heat as compared to incandescent bulbs. Do not forget to turn off the lights when you do not need them.


BONUS TIP: Reduce indoor heat gain.

Help decrease the strain on your AC by waiting until evening to complete heat-generating chores such as doing the laundry, running the dishwasher, and cooking on the stove. When showering, run the bathroom exhaust fan and keep your showers as short as possible. Instead of using a desktop computer when browsing the web, use a laptop instead as it produces less heat and consumes less energy.


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