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HVAC Blog Articles

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Is Your Home Ready for Winter?

Now that fall is here, it’s time to prepare your home for colder months. We want to help you lower your utility bills while protecting your investment. Great news, here are some things you can do yourself!   Reverse Your Ceiling Fans If your ceiling fan comes with a reverse switch, use it to the run the fan’s blades in the opposite direction after you turn on... read more

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Top Reasons Your Furnace May Not Properly Work This Time of Year

How sure are you that your furnace will really make it through the coldest weather this year? No one can say that they are absolutely sure. It is unfortunate, but there is no guarantee that you will enjoy consistent and sufficient heat all throughout the winter.   There are times when your furnace just doesn't perform the way you expect it to.   Here are some of the possible rea... read more

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Low Airflow Problems? Here are 3 Possible Causes

You may be running your air conditioner or your heating system. Whichever it is, you certainly expect to get a certain amount of airflow when you have your hands up to the vents.  When that airflow level drops and the temperature in your home changes, there could be a problem with your HVAC system. So what could be causing this problem? There may actually be a few reasons. Here are som... read more

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Top Ways to Save Some Money During the Colder Months

In Canada, we spend most of the year using our heaters. You'd think that we know everything there is to know about our heating systems. You'll be surprised how many homeowners do not know that their heating system at home is not efficient as they think. How efficient is your heating system? Whether or not you know the answer, the following tips can help your entire home run more efficie... read more

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What Stinks? Common Heating System Odours

When your heating system at home is working properly, you will not hear any sound... and you will definitely not smell any foul odour. If yours is giving off an unusual odour, don't panic just yet. It's better to know what it is you actually smell.   Here are some of the most common heating system odours and what they mean:   Rotten Egg Natura... read more

Dealing with Uneven Home Cooling Concerns

Dealing with Uneven Home Cooling Concerns

If you live in a multi-story hoe and you notice uneven home cooling, you are not alone. When you have invested in central air conditioning, you probably expected that the system would cool the entirety of your home. However, over time, there are factors including ductwork issues, dirty filters, and even system age that can reduce the central air conditioning system’s ability to cool e... read more