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Safety 101: Quality of Water at Home

How sure are you about the quality of water you have at home? Without proper testing, water can carry unknown contaminants, as well as bacteria, which can make it non-potable. It may taste alright, but this kind of water can cause some health risks, unless proven otherwise. Even previously treated potable water can get contaminated, too, and therefore no longer drinkab read more

Are Your HVAC Units Ready for the Summer?

With summer just around the corner, it’s definitely the right time to think about all the things that you should take care of to ensure that your home’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning unit is in its top form. When you make an effort to make your HVAC unit and your home complement each other, you will find that saving money on your utility bill is possible. If you are try read more

Common Furnace Problems You Should Be Familiar With

Canadians are familiar with extremely cold weather. We are no stranger to the kind of winter that seems to linger too long that we all start to believe that spring will never come. It is during those long winters that we are most thankful for the amazing invention that is the furnace. Unfortunately, it’s also the time when furnaces tend to break down – right when they are needed the read more

Working From Home? Stay Productive with These Tips!

Working from home is such an amazing thing… until your neighbour starts with her endless renovation project, or your teen decides that his journey to stardom will start right in your garage and bangs away with his drums. For most professionals these days, being able to work from home every once in a while, is such a luxury. But really, which environment enables you to be more producti read more

The Importance of Regular HVAC Maintenance

Seasons change all-year round, but there is one thing that should always be constant in your home: the desired temperature you want your home to have. This should not be difficult to achieve. You might think that foregoing regular maintenance might seem convenient. However, you must keep in mind that the performance of your HVAC system degrades overtime as a result. This may leave you wi read more