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HVAC Blog Articles

Why Exhaust Fans Are Essential in Homes

Having exhaust fans in your home is beneficial for maintaining ideal air quality and temperature. Bathroom, kitchen, or whole systems improve ventilation as they let out the bad air to better a home’s interior environment.   Check out how exhaust fans work and what their benefits are here:   WHAT EXHAUST FANS DO Exhaust fans are known for pulling excess ... read more

plumber fixing central heating system

Heating System: The Ultimate Maintenance Checklist

In some places, heating systems are in full force as they warm homes and keep families comfortable. This is why for some families, the use of heating systems has been a part of their daily norm. Maintaining your heating system regularly is essential if you want to keep your home comfortable during the cooler months, and even the warmer ones.   That is why we are here to help you g... read more

Setting the central heating level in gas furnace panel

Furnace Installation: The Basics You Need to Know

If you are planning on having a new furnace installed, then you should know beforehand that it is a big job. If you are planning on installing your new furnace on your own – trust us, DO NOT DO IT. You need to make sure that the installation job is done right, so work only with trusted HVAC experts like the ones we have here in Twintech Heating and Cooling. You do not want to waste tim... read more

Air conditioning master entering malfunction

Furnace and Air Conditioner – How Do They ACTUALLY Work?

If you do not have any prior knowledge of them, heating and cooling systems are quite complex equipment to deal with. So, if you have not been trained to work on them, it is likely that you will have many questions concerning your air conditioner, furnace, heat pump, and other HVAC equipment. Don’t worry – we are here to help you!   Furnace: How Does It Work? ... read more

Air Conditioning Technician and A part of preparing to install new air conditioner.

Finding the HVAC Help You Need

While it is true that there are many homeowner resources on all things heating and cooling, there are still some cases wherein you just need to have an expert in your home to assist you with your HVAC needs! In most places, there are countless HVAC contractors you can call on, but the question is: HOW DO YOU KNOW WHAT TO LOOK FOR?   Here are some points you should consider when ch... read more

Improving Your Air Quality this Winter

As the winter season progresses and the temperature tumbles we seal ourselves off in our toasty homes and do what we can to ignore the snow and the ice outside. However, with the shutting of windows comes the higher possibility of a worsening air quality that can be caused by appliances, chemicals, pets, and other sources. Here are some great ways to make sure your air stays clean. &nbs... read more