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Going on a Vacation? Check Out These Safety Tips for Your Home

You know what dampens the mood of what is supposed to be an exciting or relaxing vacation? Worrying about your home while you are away. If you are gone for longer than a few days, it’s possible that potential burglars will notice and attempt to take advantage of your absence. To give yourself some peace of mind and keep your home safe, follow these safety tips:

Leave your curtains open

Whenever people leave their homes for a trip, we almost always ask ourselves the same question: windows covered, or uncovered? What is the option that is most likely to deter break-ins? Think of it this way: if leave your curtains or blinds closed, would-be criminals have more opportunity to notice that something about your house has not changed in several days. You probably do not keep your windows covered 24/7 while you are at home, so leaving them open contributes to the illusion that you are still there.

Have a plan for your lights

You might be tempted to leave your lights on for the entire duration of your trip, but this is wasteful and will rack up your electric bill. Instead, put your kitchen, bedroom, or living room lights on timers to save energy, but having them on for a few hours in the evening will make it seem like someone is inside.

Something else you can do is install an outdoor motion-sensor light. Intruders might be alarmed if they approach your home and suddenly, the lights turn on. If this happens and your neighbors know that you are away, it gives them more opportunity to take action and call the police.

Ask a neighbor for help

Let your neighbors know that you will be away for a while, and ask the ones you are closest with to help out around the house. Maybe you can ask them to water your plants, feed your pet, grab your mail, or do something else. Having at least one person going in and out of your home while you are gone is a useful way to check for any signs of tampering and prevent it outright.

Lock away your valuables

Put any items you are particularly worried about in a safe place. One option is purchasing a small safe, but if this is unrealistic for you, move your valuables to a location where burglars are unlikely to look.
Take necessary precautions with your home so that you can enjoy your vacation. If you don’t want to worry about the functionality of your home itself (which is also advantageous for while you are still there), TwinTech Heating can make sure your HVAC system is running smoothly.