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Is Your HVAC System Making Your Home Dusty?

We all know the struggle of cleaning your home from top to bottom only to wake up a few days later and notice that dust has already begun to accumulate once again. It’s an annoying process that keeps us continually reaching for the duster day in and day out. Thankfully there might be an easy solution to this tiresome routine. It’s very possible that one of the main reasons that your home gathers dust so quickly is because of your HVAC system. Here are some of the main ways that your HVAC could be failing you and your home.

Possible Leaks

If your system doesn’t have a proper seal on it then it can result in air being able to move freely in and out of your air ducts, which is not a good thing. When this happens the dusty air that accumulates in places that are hardly ever cleaned, such as your attic or crawl space, can get sucked into the air duct and dispersed throughout your home.

Insufficient Filter

Many homeowners are simply using the wrong kind of filter and they aren’t even aware of it. If the HVAC filter you currently have is too cheap then it’s likely not filtering out many of the harmful irritants such as dirt and dust. Many fibreglass filters fail to meet the recommended standard for proper filtration. Be careful not to get a filter that is too strong though as this can result in your system requiring more force, and therefore more power usage, to draw in the adequate air supply.

Even if you have a good filter it could still be failing to do its job properly if you’re not changing it out regularly. As with most other products, an HVAC filter will become less and less efficient over time. This is due to the accumulation of dirt and dust particles being trapped by the vent and eventually clogging it up to the point where it is no longer useful. Regularly changing your filters and/or replacing them with quality ones can have a significant impact on the amount of dust that is dispersed from your HVAC system.

To get your HVAC system properly inspected and cleaned, you should contact a professional. Luckily our team has several specialists that are always ready to help you make your HVAC system and home dust-free, so contact us today.