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What’s the difference between electric, gas, and oil heating systems?

What’s the difference between electric, gas, and oil heating systems?

When searching for a new heating system for your home, there are a few important questions that you want to ask yourself. Is your priority to save money, or are you looking for something more environmentally friendly? Do I have a gas line close to my home? While the number of questions and choices can be overwhelming, they really boil down to three options:

Electric, gas, and oil-based heating systems.

Electric systems are generally the most efficient of the three. While it is slightly more expensive than gas, it can be cheaper than oil-based systems. Electric systems are also the most eco-friendly and can be expanded to include solar panels, improving the efficiency of the system. Electric heaters can be a very safe option because there are no gas leaks and it is less likely to catch on fire. These systems are also much quieter and efficient.

Next, gas systems are a consistent, reliable and convenient option, provided that your home is near a gas line. In general, they are much more economical than electric systems but may require regular maintenance to keep it going. If properly taken care of, gas systems can last around 10-15 years. Fun fact: natural gas powers around 50% of homes in the US!

Lastly, oil-based systems are a tried and true method of heating homes. If you are looking to use an oil heating system, you must have a tank on the property and schedule regular oil deliveries, which can be inconvenient for some households. The price of oil may also fluctuate with the economy. It is important to note that as a fossil fuel, it is considered to be the least eco-friendly option, but is also considered to be very efficient.

Before purchasing a heating system for your home, it is best to consult a heating and cooling expert before making any big decisions. Call Twin Tech Heating and Cooling at 1.844.894.6832 to set up a free, no-obligation consultation!

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I’ll Always Be Contacting Twintech First

My existing 15-yr old A/C went down on me during the first major heatwave of the season. Researched my options, as well as a few different installers, and decided on Twintech.

They gave me confidence right from the beginning. Extremely knowledgeable. Their communication was excellent - always responded to questions quickly. Given we were in a heatwave, they were fully booked. However, within days they were able to fit me in due to a cancellation. Upon learning that the Amana unit I was getting installed was on backorder, TwinTech went to bat for me with the manufacturer and was able to get me the next model up within a day, for the same price - Amazing!

As far as the installation was concerned, I couldn’t be more impressed. These guys were clearly very experienced and did a fantastic job. Very clean, polite, timely & informative. They even thoroughly sealed all the exposed gaps in my ductwork. I’ve had plenty of heating and cooling work done in the past and have never used the same contractor twice because I’ve never been very impressed. However, from now on, I’ll always be contacting Twintech first!

What was promised, was delivered at a cost-effective price point

Timely and appreciated - this was during the hottest days this year when our Air and Furnace way.
Efficient. Professional. No BS or overselling. What was promised, was delivered at a cost-effective price point.
Down to earth.

Professionally done and took care to cover all entry floors

Professionally done and took care to cover all entry floors to the house for the installers to remove the old furnace and install a new furnace.
I also made recommendations of the tankless water heater that we had installed and items to address. We did not know they also installed tankless water heaters.

by Bill, Pickering on Twintech Heating and Cooling
Proud to support this local company

Price was not the cheapest nor the most expensive of my quotes. It's the quality of the installation that makes for a good AC system. The twins' knowledge & professionalism was evident in the small details:
Very clean work. Greg made sure that the refrigerant level & temperature were correct. They reinstall the insulation & vapor barrier around the wall. The outside electrical cords were secured to the wall. Proud to support this local company. Thank you.

Excellent Workmanship, and Quick Response

Excellent workmanship, and quick response. Would recommend Twintech to anyone.

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