Gas Fireplaces

Gas Fireplaces

Nothing says escape from a cold winter day like curling up by a fire. For many that comes with throwing another log on and stoking the flame but wood fireplaces have drawbacks that go beyond having to keep a pile of wood around. Gas fireplaces are by far the better option as they don't create sparks nor do they release potentially dangerous fumes or particles into your home. Beyond the fact that they're safer and require far less maintenance (and log carrying) than wood-burning fireplaces, there are quite a few additional benefits. They turn on and off with the flick of a switch and some even come with a remote. They come in a variety of stylish configurations and they produce a constant and reliable amount of heat. Best of all, gas fireplaces have their own venting system so they can be installed without major construction in homes that don't even have a chimney. So there you have it: gas fireplaces have wood-burning beat. Now all you need to do is have one installed. Good news: TWINTECH in Pickering, Ontario can help. Our experienced staff will ensure that all gas lines are installed securely and in a way that ensures the fireplace functions perfectly. In addition, our expertise at HVAC will make sure any required venting is completed to ensure a completely safe operation. We offer a wide variety of models that can suit any home or aesthetic style so you can be sure to have something beautiful to surround those gorgeous flames. Let TWINTECH put a brand new beautiful gas fireplace into your Pickering, Ontario home. Give us a call today and get yourself ready to feel the warmth of your new hearth.

Call us if financing is an option you are considering then talk to the experts at TWINTECH who will help turn the possibility of owning a quality home comfort system into a reality.

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