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If you're looking to add an AC system to your home or update your current one, a ductless AC unit may be exactly what you need! Ducts can be leaky, dusty and sometimes hard to navigate. At Twintech, we can do custom ductwork but sometimes we find that a ductless system might just work better for that home.

What are ductless AC units? Ductless AC systems or 'mini-split systems' are composed of two parts (hence the 'split' name) and allow for an energy-efficient cooling of the home. The two parts are (1) an outdoor air compressor and (2) an indoor, wall-mounted piece. Ductless units are often found in rooms where baseboard heating or window AC units would be found. They offer a few advantages over baseboard units as they're less visible and quieter, and they only require a small hole in the wall. They're more efficient than other AC systems due to the lack of leaky ducts and their air-tight build.

If you have any new additions to your home, renovated spaces, or want to compliment an existing system, a ductless AC unit can be the perfect fit. They're also great if you need room-specific temperate control or higher air quality (via internal filtration).

With 30 years of experience behind our name, Twintech is the place to call for all your air conditioning questions and needs. If you'd like to learn more about how ductless AC units might be great for your home, visit our website or call Twintech today at 1.844.894.6832 to set up a free consultation with one of our experienced and qualified techs.

See What Our Customers Are Saying:

by Brian Burns, Whitby on Twintech Heating and Cooling
Me Furnace

The work was done quickly efficiently neatly and professionally. Pleased with the service, information, product, and the company.

by Geoff, Port Perry on Twintech Heating and Cooling
Air Conditioner And New Furnace

Great sales member named Dave came in told us some amazing items and how they would be priced installed an all. We couldn’t believe it! The next day the ac was installed, that day one employee named Greg told us that our furnace was working way to hard and was causing us to use way too much gas. So two days later they came in an installed a new furnace!

by MB, Ajax on Twintech Heating and Cooling
Furnace Install

Installation was done quickly and professionally. The new furnace is quiet and provides even heat.

by Richard from Oshawa on Twintech Heating and Cooling
Buy And Install New Furnace

They removed and discarded old furnace. Installed new furnace. Installed air intake pipe, that had never been installed by builder, no charge. Replaced loose hose on floor with hard pipe and rerouted it to drain, no charge. Almost 33% cheaper then quote from Enercare, which was the company we dealt with and had insurance with for 8 years. No yearly fee for cleaning/insurance, saves 300 a year. Courteous, professional, fast, and friendly. My wife and I have been recommending them to everyone we know and meet, and will continue to do so. Thanks for everything, Twintech!!!

by Darcy from Pickering on Twintech Heating and Cooling
Bought And Installed New Furnace

This company was great to deal with. Our furnace went down and they installed a new furnace the next day with a lot of professionalism!

by gillian hooton from Uxbridge on Twintech Heating and Cooling
Furnace Service

Finally! An honest company with highly knowledgeable and informative staff. Had a furnace service and found multiply errors in our system from an amateur installer. Very fair price to correct problems and will definitely use again.

by dflynn in Ajax on Twintech Heating and Cooling
Replacing Heating & A/C Unit

Had to replace the heating & a/c unit in a condo apartment dwelling. this company recommended by the property manager and president of the condo building. found their workmanship and attention to details very good and very thorough. were able to resolve small problems and situations and happy to feel the heat in my unit. it's pricey, but happy was done by a very professional service. thank you.

by alisiena from Toronto on Twintech Heating and Cooling
HVAC Replacement And Chimney Liner

Fantastic team. Completed the job as per the specifications and in under 3 hours. Highly recommended Twintech.

by David from Toronto on Twintech Heating and Cooling
Furnace Replacement

During the summer, I previously hired TwinTech to replace my air conditioner when it failed. They did an excellent job so when I decided to proactively replace the furnace I contacted them. The furnace I had was 22 years old and showed signs of internal leakage. It still worked but rather than wait to have it fail in cold weather, I decided to purchase a higher efficiency model before it failed and take advantage of energy efficiency rebates. TwinTech offered very useful advice on the make and model of furnace to choose including high efficiency and variable speed motor. The price was reasonable, TwinTech arrived at the allotted time, installed the new furnace (including some re-routing of exhaust lines since the existing ones were too close to other vents), removed the old furnace, tested the installation and cleaned everything up. Overall, it was a good experience, they did a great job and the new furnace is working well.

by Jaime-Lynne in Pickering on Twintech Heating and Cooling
Furnace And Central Air Replacement

Greg came over at 9:30pm to rescue my daughter and I from a horrible experience with Enercare that evening. He was professional. Kind. And got us what we needed quickly and at an afford price. I would 100% recommend calling on Greg and his team for any of your heating and cooling needs in the future!!