Furnace and Air Conditioner - How Do They ACTUALLY Work?

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Furnace and Air Conditioner - How Do They ACTUALLY Work?

Posted On: February 14, 2018

Furnace and Air Conditioner - How Do They ACTUALLY Work?

If you do not have any prior knowledge of them, heating and cooling systems are quite complex equipment to deal with. So, if you have not been trained to work on them, it is likely that you will have many questions concerning your air conditioner, furnace, heat pump, and other HVAC equipment. Don’t worry – we are here to help you! 

Furnace: How Does It Work? 
Most people have the idea that furnaces heat homes or businesses, but they have some questions as to how exactly it is done. Furnaces heat a home or a business by warming air and circulating it into the indoor living or work areas. Furnaces can be electric or powered by a heating fuel such as natural gas, oil, or propane. 

In a gas furnace, the system’s ignitor or pilot light fires up the burners in the combustion chamber. These burners produce heat and move into the heat exchanger. The heat then is transferred to the air cycling through the furnace. The heated air is then moved by the system’s blower through the duct system and into a home or business. 

In an electric furnace, on the other hand, the electricity starts the heating process rather than the ignitor or pilot light. Heating elements warm the air instead of a gas burner. Air passes through the electric resistance coils of the heating element, and heat is transferred to the air supply. The blower circulates the heat to interior areas. 

Air Conditioner: How Does It Work? 
There are many users who have HVAC questions about how an air conditioner actually works. This cooling equipment is made up of four elements: the compressor, evaporator, condenser, and expansion device. Indoor air circulates through the system by passing over the evaporator coil which is located inside homes. Inside the evaporator coil is the refrigerant which absorbs heat from the air, and then transforms from liquid to vapor. 

Vaporized refrigerant then moves to the compressor, and this is located outside. The compressor compresses the vapor, thus increasing temperature and pressure. Next, the refrigerant moves to the condenser. The condenser now condenses the refrigerant gas back into its liquid form, allowing heat to radiate out. The metal fins that surround outdoor components allow the heat to be dispersed into the outdoor air quickly. 

The refrigerant moves back to the interior system in a cooled state, still in liquid form. The expansion device now regulates the refrigerant flow going into the evaporator coil. 

Once the heat is extracted from the air in the evaporator coil, the blower then will move the cooled air back into the interior spaces. This process is repeated until the desired temperature has reached the indoors. 

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See What Our Customers Are Saying:

by GR from Oshawa on Twintech Heating and Cooling

Twintech replaced our aging furnace and air conditioner recently. I highly recommend this company. Their quote was competitive, they were on time and respectful of our home and extremely professional. From the salesman to the installers and the owner who followed up afterward to ensure we were satisfied, we are very pleased with the service. We are looking forward to working with this company for all of our HVAC needs for the years to come. Excellent workmanship and service!

by nathans in Scarborough on Twintech Heating and Cooling

We wanted to get our AC replaced as it was 22-years old and added to this our furnace was costing more and more to repair. So, we decided to get both the furnace and AC replaced.

After going through a few quotes and product reviews we decided to go with Twintech. The three-men crew arrived early in the morning, wasted no time and got to work right away. By 2:00 pm, they were all done. I’ve found their work to be top notch and they were completely professional. I had all my questions answered to my satisfaction both during the progress of their work and at end.

I have pleasure in recommending Twintech to anyone who is looking to get their furnace or Ac replaced

Nathan S.

by Private User on Twintech Heating and Cooling

Our air conditioner died On a Saturday and within hours Dave came out to take a look and discuss replacement/repair options.
The new air conditioner was installed on the Wednesday. The new unit was installed quickly. The installers were friendly and cleaned up afterwards.
We noticed a slight leak around the furnace that night and they came out the next day and fixed the issue. It has been working great and is quieter than our previous unit.
Very satisfied and would highly recommend TwinTech.

by Nancy in Toronto on Twintech Heating and Cooling

I contacted TwinTech to replace my 20-year old A/C. Dave, their service rep, promptly replied and was at my home within 2 hours. He was friendly and knowledgeable and didn't try to upgrade or oversell their A/C units but suggested the best fit for my small 1000 feet bungalow. Although this was during a heatwave and very busy, they were able to fit me in 2 days later. The TwinTech crew installed a 1.5 ton Ducane A/C unit that is now running smoothly while maintaining a constant cooling temperature. The crew were very courteous, professional and efficient and I will definitely recommend TwinTech to family and friends. I much appreciated your great service.
Nancy M., Oshawa

by Private User on Twintech Heating and Cooling

We had a great experience. The guys who installed our a/c did a nice job. Cleaned up.

by Private User on Twintech Heating and Cooling

excellent crew, fast and efficient! Would call them again when I need a new furnace.

by Private User on Twintech Heating and Cooling

Professional, courteous and efficient, don’t need to say more than that! Use them you will not regret it.

by Private User on Twintech Heating and Cooling

TwinTech was a pleasure to deal with from the estimate through installation. We replaced a 28 year old a/c unit with one recommended by TwinTech's sales representative Dave who took the time to go over the product with us and answer any questions. The warranty is for 10 years parts and labour and they will complete the registration for you. Installation was by Greg (owner) and Mitch and Spencer who were quick and efficient and left everything clean and tidy.

by Private User on Twintech Heating and Cooling

Very professional, from the sales consultation and inspection to the final installation. Met every expectations we had for the job. A local business with great client support. We highly recommend. Twintech is a blue chip! Thanks!

by Private User on Twintech Heating and Cooling

I left a live chat message on their website that my air conditioning was not working. Within 1hr a representative called me to discuss my options.
The next day he came to the house to review my needs and give me a price for a new system. Price quoted was less than I expected and the installation was completed the following day. I found their salesman and the installers very knowledgeable and easy to deal with. All my questions were answered. Everything was properly explained in regards to what unit was needed and why, along with instruction where needed for use.
The installers made sure everything was working properly before they left.

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