Furnace Maintenance: Here’s What You Should Know

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Furnace Maintenance: Here’s What You Should Know

Posted On: April 28, 2018

Furnace Maintenance: Here’s What You Should Know

You might have certain furnace maintenance questions, especially since the heating season has just passed us. Remember, maintenance is key if you want your furnace to operate efficiently and reliably. It is never too early to prepare for the colder months, right? 

Check out our the commonly asked heating questions below: 

What are the benefits of preventative furnace maintenance? 
Preventative furnace maintenance performed by a trusted and reliable HVAC technician provides several valuable advantages for homeowners. These advantages include: 

*SYSTEM PROTECTION. It is no secret that furnace systems are expensive. No one wants to spend thousands to replace a furnace that dies before it even reaches the expected service life, right? Preventative maintenance is a homeowner’s best defense to protecting this investment as well as the comfort of the household. 

*IMPROVED ENERGY EFFICIENCY. Preventative maintenance tune-ups for furnace units reduces the wear and tear of the system, cleans and lubricates its components for optimal performance, and resolves concerns that cause the furnace to consume excess energy while operating. Annual tune-ups reduce energy consumption all throughout the cool season, thus lowering your heating bills. 

When your furnace is properly maintained, you can expect it to operate reliably and efficiently, and trust that it will deliver consistent comfort throughout your entire home. Regular maintenance helps eliminate system performance issues that could prevent the system from providing adequate heating. 

What is done during preventative furnace maintenance? 
During a preventative maintenance tune-up, a qualified HVAC technician will perform many steps that will improve your system’s performance and efficiency. Each heating and cooling contractor has their own routines, but here are some of the basic steps: 

*Inspect duct system for air blockages and leakage. 
*Inspect heat exchanger for corrosion, cracks, or other damages. 
*Clean blower wheel and compartment to eliminate contaminants. 
*Test the blower door’s seal. 
*Inspect air intake grills to detect any blockage. 
*Test burner ignition and flame sensor. 
*Lubricate bearings and other moving components of the motor to reduce friction. 
*Test electrical connections throughout the system. 
*Inspect wiring for any damage. 
*Test the calibration of the thermostat. 
*Inspect the flue to ensure that there are no blockages or damage present. 
*Test safety controls. 
*Test furnace start-up cycle. 
*Check furnace filter and replace it if necessary. 

When should preventative maintenance be done? 
Preventative furnace maintenance should be done annually. Ideally, you should schedule your furnace maintenance tune-up in the all, before you actually need to turn on the system. When this is done, system issues can be detected and resolved before it needs to be used, so you can be confident enough that no problems will arise. Save yourself from the shock and problem of a furnace that will not turn on when you are ready for warmth – get that preventative maintenance done on time! 

For all your furnace concerns and needs, feel free to contact us today. It is always better to be safe than sorry! 


See What Our Customers Are Saying:

by Cibele Ceroni on Twintech Heating and Cooling

Great Team! Furnace broke in the weekend, Bob visited same day and Greg installed new one on Monday. Team was professional, respectful and knowledgeable. Installation went very well, Greg found solutions to challenges, like hiding new conduits in the ceiling. Looks nice and new furnace is working great. Five Stars.

by Jackie Graham on Twintech Heating and Cooling

I used Twintech to install a new furnace for my home. Bob was terrific in explaining the sizing options and why the 2 stage furnace was the best option for me. Greg did a great job installing, clean and on time. Finished work looks great but the best part is how it works. The 2 stage heating is so much more comfortable. I run the fan continuously to keep the indoor air clean. Great investment! Would highly recommendTwintech!

by Anthony Silva on Twintech Heating and Cooling

I’m going to start this by saying I’m a very particular customer. My background is in mathematics and mechanical engineering so I have an eye for detail and a respect for technical knowledge.
Greg had already done an AC inspection and replaced a water heater tank and there was no question in my mind who to deal with replacing my rickety old furnace after it got pooched.
Bob dropped in ahead of time and clearly (and knowledgeably) outlined all technical, price and operational options.
Greg showed up on time, on the agreed date and did a fantastic job. (The OLD furnace was a house of horrors and was installed in a keystone cops sort of way- careless.)
The work Greg did was HIGHLY PROFESSIONAL and FAR MORE FUNCTIONAL than what I had.
I’m also a musician with many instruments so maintaining predictable humidity/temperature is extremely important to me. Greg recognized this as did Bob. You NEVER feel like you’re being brushed off.
In summary, if you’re looking for PROFESSIONAL, QUALITY results by an EXPERIENCED, THOUGHTFUL team
(that also happen to be FRIENDLY and ATTENTIVE ) then you’ve come to the right page!!

by Karen Morgan on Twintech Heating and Cooling

Once again Twin Tech came through and fixed my furnace. A young man by the name of Mitch came by tonight and he was so nice explained everything he was quick he was clean he turned off the lights even when he left the furnace room it’s just above and beyond Twin Tech always delivers and I just found out about them last year and I will use no one else but thanks again Mitch you are fantastic

by Richard Liu on Twintech Heating and Cooling

I had a problem with the Furnace (Armstrong ultra V) and Greg diagnosed it on the phone. Even told me what the issue was and I was able to fix it. This level of service from a Business that is almost unknown today.

If you require service, reach out to Greg. I will definitely use them in the future!

by Tony Forde on Twintech Heating and Cooling

We have been shopping for a heat pump for our home. We had 3 reps come in and make recommendations and provide a quote. Of the 3, Bob was so clearly so much more qualified, thorough and informed than the other two that the decision was a no brainer. As soon as we get our audit results Twintech will be installing our heat pump.

by Private User, Pickering on Twintech Heating and Cooling

knowledgeable sales person, did not try to up-sell unneeded features,
and was easily contacted to ensure customer satisfaction.
Installation was expertly done by friendly guys, everything explained for use of the products. Old products were removed and returned to rental company as part of the service. Follow up call was received to check all was well. This is my second time using this company as I was fully satisfied with my previous air conditioning unit installation

by Private User, Courtice on Twintech Heating and Cooling

Twintech recently installed a new furnace for me. Bob did a great job assessing what I had and needed. All details well explained including the importance of proper sizing of furnace and the value of multi stage heating and the variable speed blower. As a nurse, indoor air quality is a high priority so the variable speed motor running continuous is so good. 24/7 air cleaning. Greg did a great job on install, attention to detail so appreciated. Already notice such an improved comfort and heat. Thank you Twintech! You come as advertised. I will recommend to anyone in need of heating or cooling!

by Walter, Whitby on Twintech Heating and Cooling

We received various quotes from 4 different companies and right away, the prompt and thorough communication from Bob from TwinTech stood out. He introduced himself, sent sample sites and information, and always confirmed any agreed to dates and times.

Bob was friendly and extremely knowledgeable about the topic of HVAC and it was clear he was passionate about his profession. He approached the job as if he was installing in his own home.

Prior to the new furnace & A/C installation, our old units were loud and inefficient - having several rooms feeling too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer. After installing the recommended units, all rooms stay at a consistent temperature- even the finished basement.

I highly recommend the TwinTech team - just an outstanding job at a reasonable price point.

by Private User on Twintech Heating and Cooling

The experience with Twintech was great from the start. Bob the sales manager was friendly and professional and did not use any pressure tactics. He was very knowledgeable.
The installation was completed by the twin owners in about 6-7 hours. Clean quiet easy going didn't mind when I poked my head in to see progress. Highly recommend

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